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Custom Designed Woodworking

crafted for you

Jeff and Dawn Goodeman have always tried to find ways to stay busy and be creative beyond their day-to-day lifestyle.  With his craftsmanship and her creative eye, they've found that woodworking gives them the opportunity to do just that!  They put a great deal of time and attention into each and every piece made. This is why they decided to start Northern Heritage Woodcrafts so they can create your custom wood projects.

"We truly enjoy the work and love seeing the excitement and reactions on our customers' faces." 

Each piece is designed according to your requests and to fit within your budget.  Most items will go through a sketch/proofing phase first.  Then, the work begins!  Projects will have various finish times, depending on complexity, time involved, and other projects in the works.  NHW ensures the pieces they create will last and withstand their intended use, and they are happy to repair or replace any craftsmanship issues, should they arise.